The Bodhi Soul is a project of The Development CAFE,  conceptualized by its founder Valentine Gandhi.  It is a 5 night 6-day retreat held in Bali,  the eco-friendliest spaces on the planet.  We are a non-profit organization and do not own resorts or spaces in Bali, however we have partnered with the most eco friendly, culturally sensitive and non-touristy spaces in Bali to conduct our programs. It is a not a typical yoga and meditation retreat, it’s a well researched program developed by development professionals.

Our approach, experiential in nature, combines methods such as yoga and meditation, role play based management techniques and psychological tools, to better equip you to be a transformative force in your work and personal lives. Note that the methods are not mandatory and can be customized to individual or group requirements (including dealing with aspects of trauma, anxiety, depression, burn out, or simply to help you have a relaxing and recharge time).

While we may cite examples and role plays from characters from history, religion and cultures, our programs are apolitical and non religious in nature.

We have built an cost-effective package which is inclusive of a host of benefits in addition to the program itself. However, if you have a big team and cannot fly to Bali, we are happy to visit your company/organization or group wherever you are. We will soon expand to Africa.

We have limited seats per batch! Join us today by clicking the link below.

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The People

Märta Bailes

Founder, Top View Yoga Shala

Yoga and Wellness medidation

My instruction draws both from 14 years working as a certified massage therapist and 16 years of personal yoga practice. The knowledge gained over those years has given me a comprehensive understanding of body mechanics, bringing me great sensitivity to the special abilities or needs of my students. In each retreat I teach yoga classes which are customized for the particular participants on the retreat. The classes are all carefully sequenced so that every student receives the greatest possible benefit from each session. Students with injuries, personal requests or even those who are pregnant will be given special consideration and attention. I offer adaptations to poses throughout the class so that beginners and advanced students alike may find ease and challenge in their practice. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, and I want to avail that reality to all those who join the Bodhi-soul experience.
Personally, my meditation practice had a difficult start as the first approach I learned left me feeling frustrated and defeated. As a result, I had to utilize divergent techniques before I eventually began to see the benefits of meditation realized in myself. As experience has shown me the value of knowing different methods of meditation, I share them with all those on a retreat. In exploring these different techniques even newcomers to the practice may may reap immediate rewards. While most meditation sessions are guided, silent meditation sessions are offered as well.

In each retreat my intention is to share the transformative practices of yoga and meditation so that participants feel a connection to their bodies while becoming free from the constraints of the mind. As the retreat comes to an end I send each student home with a new set of “tools” to guide them into a more joyful, peaceful, awakened life.

Jenn Weidman

Founder, Space Bankok

Creative Reflective practices

Jenn Weidman is founder and Managing Director/CEO of Space Bangkok, a social enterprise that promotes resilience and innovation by changing the how of what we do individually and organizationally through encouraging ongoing reflective practice and incorporating reflective elements in facilitation, leadership development, capacity building, problem solving, and other work. She is a facilitation, training, and peacebuilding professional with over 14 years’ experience working on capacity building programs in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Her areas of specialty include facilitation and training design and delivery, reflective practice, current issues of Thailand and Southeast Asia, cultural competency, concepts of peace and conflict resolution, conflict analysis/assessment, creativity and peacebuilding, and other peace and conflict studies issues. An anthropologist by training, she is fluent in Thai. Jenn enjoys working wood into talking sticks, composing the odd haiku, gardening on her balcony, and cooking, and is a student of Thai martial arts. The Space Bangkok story is her story.
Jenn’s approach to retreats includes elements of accompaniment, creativity, music, movement, reflective practice, hands on engagement, connection, and fun. She brings varied and unique activities and is constantly exploring new approaches.

Valentine Gandhi

Founder, The Development CAFÉ

Role plays and Catharsis

I draw from personal experiences as a development professional, evolving from a IT guy, to a social work professional and eventually a policy advisor; living and working in multiple countries handling multiple projects across Asia, Africa and Europe. I also draw from lessons learned since childhood being born as the first son in a family of pluralistic theologians dating back several generations. I combine management, philosophical and spiritual aspects in my sessions. I draw from several instances of trauma, both from self and experiences of others particularly in stressful work and personal situations and work with you to find your inner soul and purpose in life. I do not believe in chasing goals in life or work blindly, but in evolution and transformation on a daily basis.

Mark Kuan

Founder, The Onion Collective

Passion play

Mark Kuan, is passionate about making a difference through creating spaces and
environments for individuals to reconnect with self and firmly believes that this
reconnection is the gateway to creating sustainable change or impact in our lives.
“our disconnectedness from self and our inner voice is cause for much inner conflict as
we have become so accustomed to living our lives on automatic mode”